The process behind a site expansion plan

When your business starts scaling and requires more space in its facility to operate, you will need to start thinking about expanding your site. Whether your company has a site for office space or is in the business of manufacturing, the expansion of your premises is something that needs to be planned for continuously. This is where site expansion planning comes into the picture.

What is a site expansion plan?

A site expansion plan, also known as a development plan or an expansion blueprint, is a set of documents and blueprints that outline the expansion direction of any given facility. There is no set-in-stone process behind a site development plan because such an undertaking is an ongoing process from the moment a facility is constructed or purchased.

It’s important for scaling businesses to always leave room in their plans for site expansion, lest they find themselves in an expensive situation where they need to construct new sites altogether to compensate for their scaling needs. So, the question now becomes “how do I plan for an expansion?”

P.S: check out this awesome resource for more clarity on why you need to always consider your site’s expansion plan.

How to set out your facility’s expansion plan

Generally, there are two stages to a site expansion plan: the actual planning and organization, and execution.

Planning and Organisation

This phase is ongoing from the moment your facility’s blueprint is laid out. If you’ve built your factory around an area with loads of space to spare, the facility needs to be built in such a way that allows for all of its systems and features (such as the foundation, columns/pillars, and sewerage networks) to be expanded without too much inconvenience.

If you’re considering purchasing a facility through (or have already purchased one), you need to consider location and expansion potential. If for example, the facility is in an area filled with old buildings that won’t last much longer, however, you will always have the option of expanding your operations over these buildings.

It is encouraged that expansion planning is a holistic approach that includes all technical, logistical & operational elements within your site’s boundaries. We offer exactly that kind of approach here at RIC, get in touch with us today to learn more!


This is the part where you need to source and curate everything you need to expand your sites, such as material, a construction company, and additional service providers. As the owner of the facility, you need to keep a close eye on all expansion operations to ensure that your service providers don’t make any mistakes that could have serious legal and/or health and safety implications.

Does site expansion sound a bit too difficult for you? We’ve got you covered! Drop us an email or give us a call to find out how our site expansion offerings can ease the burden on your shoulders!