Site Expansion Plans

Whether the facility is in a service or manufacturing industry, the way in which it develops over time needs to be planned. The planning of this is essential as it allows you to build flexibility into your operation and it reduces operational & capital expenditure. Additionally, annual CAPEX budgets can be created and better managed. This forward planning of a facility is alternatively called a Site Development Plan, or an Expansion Blue-Print. Whatever the name, these expansion plans must be applied to all physical sites such as:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Depot or cross-dock facilities
  • Service facilities (for example banks, hospitals, retail, etc.)

RIC encourages that this development be a holistic approach that encompasses all Technical, Logistical & Operational elements within the site’s boundaries. Depending on the site, its development will be done in conjunction with a Capacity Analysis to help determine the phased expansions of the site through its bottleneck analysis. Typically, numerous development options will be created and compared based on: operability; cost of expansion; ultimate capacity; flexibility; safety; etc.