About Us

About RIC

RIC is a professional Firm that provides end to end solutions to an array of organisations in a broad cross section of industries. With offices in South Africa, Argentina and Israel, RIC has a 30-year history of providing integrated, tailored solutions to a multitude of clients in more than 20 countries all over the globe.

We deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to all our clients. We have experience in a wide variety of industries and are able to cross pollinate innovations and offer relevant, competitive and individually engineered, end to end solutions, ranging from large scale strategic enhancements to tactical improvements as well as direct operational implementation.

RIC Culture

Being a small to medium enterprise, we have a close knit culture driven by team work and collaboration. Knowledge is shared openly and everyone contributes wherever they can. Our approach is always to get involved in our clients operations, get our hands dirty and get to know the operation intimately so that our solutions are practical, implementable and drive results.