Data Analysis & Analytics

Data sets are growing rapidly in terms of size and diversity of data types. Big Data refers to this vast amount of data that is obtained from industries, governments, electronic devices and individuals. The potential for knowledge obtained from Big Data is therefore ever increasing.

Advanced Analytics software allows you to collect, analyse and then visualise data in dashboards. These dashboards are used for performance tracking, forecasting, decision making, project management, data analysis, insight development, quality control and act as a repository or a ‘one version of the truth’ storage place for everything pertaining to the company’s sustainability. Additional benefits include:

  • More efficient and improved strategic decision making
  • More effective data analysis, exploration and interdependency analysis
  • Employees spend up to 70% less time retrieving, analysing and formatting standardised data for upper management.

The specific business goals and the required answers will determine what data will be required and in which format. Depending on the volume, velocity and variety of the data, the correct data processing methods and data visualisations will be determined.