Capacity Analysis

A holistic capacity analysis is crucial for uncovering the true potential of a process or an entire site. This analysis goes beyond basic metrics by integrating all technical, logistical, and operational aspects. It considers how these elements interact within the process or facility, along with upstream and downstream factors. By building a comprehensive model, the analysis identifies bottlenecks and reveals hidden limitations.

For processes, a capacity analysis determines the current capacity and offers valuable insights for improvement. It can pinpoint the theoretical maximum capacity if all non-value-adding steps are eliminated. This allows you to identify the optimal configuration for achieving your desired output at the lowest cost.

On a site level, the analysis goes beyond its current capacity to explore two additional key concepts. It can determine the maximum achievable capacity, taking into account site-specific limitations like space, regulations, and utility availability. This is often done in conjunction with a Site Development Plan. The analysis can also assess the site’s sensitivity to change, such as the introduction of new products or stricter regulations. By modifying the model’s inputs, you can anticipate and prepare for these changes.

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