Performance Accepting Testing

Performance Acceptance Testing (PAT) is a critical phase in projects lifecycle where a assets performance is evaluated against predefined criteria or benchmarks to ensure it meets specific operational requirements before being released or handed over from a supplier.

How do we help?

At RIC Industrial, we understand the importance of a smooth and successful handover from supplier to operator. Our PAT service guarantees that key equipment or your entire plant meets the exact specifications agreed upon with the supplier. You have every reason to partner with RIC because not only do we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the equipment or plant performs as promised, but we also minimise the possibility of post-installation problems that suppliers may not be willing to address.

Gain peace of mind knowing your equipment or plant functions as intended, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. Benefit from a clear and unbiased evaluation based on pre-defined standards. Don’t settle for uncertainty. Contact RIC today to discuss your PAT needs and ensure a successful handover of your new equipment or plant.