Business Process Optimisation

There are numerous processes within a business that dictates how information flows and how its managed. Whether this has got to do with raw materials planning through to how business departments operate and interact with each other, the control and execution of these is vital. As companies grow or evolve, these processes can become a hinderance allowing inefficiencies to build up within the business.

By conducting a value chain analysis of the issue on hand, and understanding its surrounding business framework, RIC will identify the root cause of these inefficiencies, from where we will engineer solutions. Solutions could be based on:

  • The introduction of new business supporting tools or management systems, such as MRP systems
  • Developing constructive KPI’s instead of destructive ones
  • Redefining job roles, hierarchies and communication channels
  • Streamlining departmental interactions
  • Job training

Depending on the requirements, these solutions will be defined, designed and physically implemented.