Asset Due Diligence

Asset due diligence refers to the comprehensive evaluation and analysis of an asset before a relocation or a transaction occurs, such as a purchase, merger, or investment. This process is critical for assessing the value, risks, and potential of the asset.

How do we help?

RIC understands the critical role of accurate asset valuation, whether for existing assets on your own site or for potential acquisitions. Our comprehensive service goes beyond book value to deliver a clear picture of your assets’ true worth. We leverage a range of in-depth assessments to determine the remaining life and value of your assets.

RIC’s multi-dimensional valuation goes beyond book value, delving into maintenance records, cleaning routines, sample analysis structural and vibration analyses, and capacity assessments to ensure your asset aligns with regulations and supports future growth, ultimately revealing its true remaining life and value.

Our analysis provides a clear picture of the remaining useful life of your assets and their fair value through depreciation or fair value calculations. We also utilise our insights to make confident decisions regarding asset acquisition, divestiture, or maintenance prioritization. Unlock the full value of your assets with RIC’s comprehensive valuation service. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and gain a deeper understanding of your assets’ true worth.