What is a Facilities Engineer?

A facilities engineer designs, reviews and implements new processes or improvements in the operations or construction of a manufacturing or related facility. Facilities engineers analyze material and labour costs, set procedures and standards, review construction or production bids, and may also be responsible for overall plant operations. Facility engineers plan, design and oversee the reconfiguration, maintenance and alteration of equipment, machinery, buildings, structures and other facilities. They ensure the optimal operation of high-rise commercial real estate, commercial and industrial plants, university campuses, medical centres, offices and government facilities.


Facilities engineers work in both offices and work sites, depending on the nature of their projects. They work closely with a wide range of other people in their daily work. Because the nature of their work is versatile and wide-ranging, employment of facilities engineers will likely remain steady in coming years.


In ensuring the smooth operation of plants and or other types of facilities, facilities engineers are responsible for a variety of tasks.


Refine operations to maximize efficiency

Facilities engineers must have in-depth understanding of the production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows, and other information about the process of the facility. They use this knowledge of the methods and activities to determine ways that processes can be refined to make the manufacturing or delivery of services more efficient.


Analyze material and labour costs

Facilities engineers gather and review data concerning facility or equipment specifications based on a thorough financial planning and cost analysis of a facility. Facilities engineers determine what particular needs the project has and develop management control systems that will reduce costs


Design and enact systems and procedures

Facilities engineers develop and enact quality control procedures to resolve particular production problems or minimize overall costs. They also design facility-specific control systems that coordinate production activities to ensure that all products meet those quality standards


Confer with management on procedures and contracts

Facilities managers regularly confer with the client or facility management about processes, contracting, and manufacturing capabilities and update them on the status of the project.