Duties & responsibilities of quality assurance managers

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A quality assurance manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring the highest calibre of standards of a product, process or service. The quality assurance manager also ensures the implementation of standards and regulations according to industry standards.

The duties of a quality assurance manager include the planning, organisation, leading and controlling of different elements and project specifications of the business. This has a direct influence on business continuity, production capacity as well as profitability and long-term sustainability.

There are various roles and responsibilities that a quality assurance manager is required to perform to ensure that the functional and operational aspects of the job are fulfilled. Quality assurance managers are directly responsible for formulating quality control policies, programs and software to support and develop the products of the organisation.

A typical specification of a Quality Assurance manager can include the direct quality of control personnel to instruct and lead a team for providing oversights to the process and project. In addition to that, another responsibility would be reporting quality issues to different stakeholders, maintaining quality assurance records and the analysis of production and quality control reports.

An equally important point to consider is the different industries where quality assurance managers can be incorporated into. Business models are continually transforming with requirements specifications, the changing consumer preference and the fluctuations of the market forces.

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