Process Layout Designs & Optimisation

One of the key elements to any operation is its physical layout. Layouts not only help with defining how the operation should be run or further developed, but correctly designed layouts optimise product flow, space utilisations, travel distances and minimise redevelopment costs. Examples of optimised process layouts are industry specific, however typical cases that achieve significant benefits include:

  • Distribution Centres & warehouses
  • Engineering spares stores
  • Production areas & packaging lines
  • Raw materials stores
  • (Off)Loading areas (incl. docks)
  • Waiting areas and office space
  • Splitting or picking areas, etc.

Based on the specific requirements, RIC will develop high-level or detailed layout designs (including Ergonomics / Human Factors) of the processes. These designs will dictate how the operation must run, where individual elements will be located and how system interactions must occur. Based on the specific environment and constraints, the effect and payback of modifying aspects such as the following will be analysed:

  • Technology / automation
  • Type of storage systems (for example racking)
  • Material handling equipment, etc.

2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional drawings are then used to convey the layout designs