How is performance acceptance testing done?

A look into what performance acceptance testing is and how it’s conducted

When purchasing a new plant or equipment for your manufacturing, fabrication, or storage facility needs, you need to be sure that the hardware you get works properly and won’t fail on you. Suppliers thus need to take the utmost precaution before handing over a new piece of equipment. This essential due diligence is called performance acceptance testing.

Performance acceptance testing is important for several reasons, namely peace of mind about a product and confidence that it will work as it needs to. The testing is also crucial to ensure that buyers aren’t in any way ripped off by their suppliers.

Suppliers may opt to conduct this testing themselves, but this isn’t always possible. Therefore, many may choose to hire a third party like us to conduct the testing for them. Whatever option they decide to go with though, it’s helpful for both suppliers and buyers to familiarise themselves with this process.


The process behind performance acceptance testing

For factory and plant owners that need to install large machines into their facilities, performance testing will need to be conducted before the equipment is fully installed. A similar process is used for mobile equipment as well.

Generally, the first step in the performance acceptance testing process is for the seller to set criteria for the test. These criteria lay out the facts about how the machine needs to perform to pass the test. If the equipment is tested and yields the predicted results, the test will be passed.

Next, the actual testing will happen using several kinds of measurement tools. The actual results are recorded and compared to the expected results. If the results match, the equipment will be deemed as ready for operation and fully passed on to the buyer.

If the actual results don’t match the expected ones, the seller will need to determine what the problem is and take the necessary action to fix the issue.

For more clarity about performance acceptance testing and the process behind it, check out these resources from Wikipedia and Care Labz.

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